The most important cultural event in Dubrovnik is the Dubrovnik Summer Festival. Open-air theatre plays, concerts and other cultural happenings with performances by world renowned names (theatre, film and music), lasts 45 days in a row.

On Sunday mornings during the summer months, numerous folklore and musical ensembles perform in front of the St. Blasius  Church and introduce tourists to the rich Croatian tradition.

In the winter months you can visit numerous Dubrovnik art museums and galleries and become familiar with the work of old masters and also with local younger artists as well.

Throughout the whole year Dubrovnik hosts numerous chamber ensembles concerts with world's famous soloists and conductors.

Christmas and New Year's holidays are filled with traditional "kolendavanje" through the city streets. 
New Year's Eve on Stradun is something you surely do not want to miss.

City guardian, St. Blasius's (Sveti Vlaho) fiesta is always specially marked at the beginning of February immediatelly after organizing a musical event called "Festa Dubrovnik". 
After that it starts a carnival time which lasts until the start of Lent.

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Here are the important events in Dubrovnik: 
Midsummer Scene Dubrovnik
Month of JUNE 

Musical-Theater Festival  "Ana in Dubrovnik"
JUNE 21st (the begining of summer)
Park Orsula, an archaeological site, a panoramic viewpoint, a summer stage
Months of JULY and AUGUST 
Dubrovnik International Wine & Jazz Festival
Month of SEPTEMBER   
Good Food Festival Dubrovnik
Month of OCTOBER